Chakra Backflow Incense Burner

Chakra Companion to Yoga & Meditate at your full potential in 2016? 

  • If you have been facing a hard time figuring out the ways to enhance your Focus during Meditation and Yoga sessions.
  • If you’re inspired by Buddhist Chakra
  • If you want to fragrance your apartment or place with something unique
  • If you want something really soothing and calming to be placed nearby

Then...This Chakra Incense Burner is for you...Comes with "Free Incense Cubes"


The Amazing benefits you’re going to enjoy:
  • The Pleasant Fragrance enhances your brain functions, resulting in better focus.
  • The smoke really pools towards the bottom and creates the most serene effect.
  • Its small enough so you can move it around easily
  • It instantly gives you soothing and stress-fee vibes


 In this Package:

  • - Free Incense Cones as gift from us
  • - 1 Chakra Backflow Incense Burner


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