The 28 Day Detox Slimming Tea is the Best combination with the Waist Trainer Belt:

- Many Women kept saying that Waist Trainer Belts ain't working for them. They are either not using it properly or not sweating themselves enough.

- But whatever the case, Now if you Start This "
28 Days Fat Loss Tea Program"

- It will naturally stimulate the Fat Burning Process and will get you desired results in 4 weeks.

 As you just saw in the video that " Ellisa Lost 6-8lbs in just 2 weeks ". You can mimic the same results. 

- Now Lose Fat by 5x faster than women that are just using Waist Trainer Belts but not using this 28 Day Detox Slimming Tea.


About this tea:

- Specifically Formulated To Support Weight Loss With Traditional Organic Herbs

- This Aids In Detoxification and Eliminate Toxins Released From Fat Cells When You Lose Weight.

- Helps Burn Fat Fast and Increase Your Metabolism Resulting In Natural and Healthy Weight Loss.

- 100% Natural Organic, NO SIDE EFFECTS

- Natural High-Quality Herbs Used: Lotus and Pu'erh Leaf 

How to prepare this tea?

Simply place the tea bag in your cup/mug, bring water to a near boil, then pour 4-6 oz over the tea bag. Let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes, discard the bag and enjoy!

Not for?

- Pregnant Women 

- Breastfeeding Women

Which time is recommended for it's intake?

- It is highly recommended to take it AFTER Dinner
- or Just right Before you Sleep 
- When you get used to this diet, you can change the timings.
- There are 28 Tea Bags inside the container. ( for 28 days )

Other Added Health Benefits:


 - Anti-Acne, Clears Complexion, Flushes the toxins out of your body, Eliminates stomach issue and bloating...




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