Diamond Microdermabraison Set

Our Microderm Kit uses diamond tips to exfoliate your skin deeper than any typical scrub or brush. While you scrub, the vacuum action of the device pulls dirt and grime from your pores leaving your skin amazingly clean and fresh.


• 4 tips in 3 sizes
• Control suction strength and focus with 2 suction settings and different tips
• Amazingly deep exfoliation and cleansing
• Removes dead skin and blackheads
• Works on face and body
• Deeper and cleaner than any brush or scrub
• Helps remove layers of dead skin over acne scars and fine lines to stimulate healing and rejuvenation

How to use:
Hold your skin taught and move the microderm back and forth across the area you wish to exfoliate. Remember you control the depth, so don’t continue for so long you cause damage, you will own this so you can do it little by little over time so your skin stays healthy and radiant.

Constant movement is important. Even when pulling dirt from your pores you want to use continuous movement. The suction is very powerful so you cant leave it in one place for long or you can create a little bruise. Constant movement is perfect!

Your skin should be clean and just a little warm to the touch when you finish. It will feel like you got just a little bit of a sunburn, and that’s what you want! To feel blood moving to your face for healing, but not deep enough to be painful or too uncomfortable. Everyone’s skin is a little different so do what feels good to you.

Use this product once/week, but no more. You need to give your skin time to fully rejuvenate between each use for best results.