Easy to use "NO Heat" Hair Curler


Price $49.95 Today Only: $29.95

These curlers may look strange but they are absolutely amazing for adults and kids. Put them in at night while you watch TV and in the morning have perfect bouncy curl that lasts all day. Great for church and special occasions for little girls!

If you’re in a hurry, you can even blow dry hair until it’s ALMOST dry, put them in, blowdry with the curlers in for a few mins to dry completely and get a very similar effect to avoid the overnight wait. They are awesome!

Our 100% Guarantee

*We can't wait for you to see results right away and to receive your Easy to use "NO Heat" Hair Curler...However, if for any reason your product is damaged or you're not satisfied the least bit, let us know for a full 100% money back guarantee. 


SET A Short Curlers: (Ideal for SHORT to MEDIUM length hair)

9 unit 15 cm curlers, 9 unit 23cm curlers. Total of 18pcs. per box 

SET B Long Curlers: (Ideal for LONG hair)

9 unit 20 cm, 9 unit 30cm. Total of 18pcs per box 

*Subject to refund eligibility