iPhone Charger Wallet

2016’s Smartest iPhone Gem for your daily life?

This wallet charges your iphone anytime & anywhere. No hassle to carry that old bulky wallets, charger and iPhone in different pockets.


So if you've problems in your daily life like these:

- Finding a charger nearby while working is a big hassle
- Bulky wallets that you put inside of your pockets. It makes you bother to take it out when you want to use your cards
- But putting cards openly on desk is also not safe

If these things are really bothering you. Then this Gem is for you...


The Benefits that you're gonna enjoy:

- A Unique innovation that we're sure your colleagues ain't using yet!

- Keep your iPhone and wallet in the same pocket and keep your iPhone charged

- A convenient approach to keep everything in its place and without any hassle...



Due to the high volume of orders. Only Limited Stock Left - So Buy It Now!!

For All Versions of iPhone