iPhone USB dock

3 unbeatable features to use at real-time. Best Gem of 2016?

If you're a Multitaskers & Busy Person and you have the problem keeping eye on iPhone while on the desk, doing multi-tasking. If you're driving and navigating through your iphone at the same time. If you have a conference meeting on facetime and it makes it impossible for you to use other things around. If you want to get your hands free while watching some stuff on iphone. If you have low battery and you must sit near to the charging port to charge it and having to strain your eyes down watching the stuff.

Then...This GEM IS FOR YOU!

3 main features that it provides:

- Syncs/Charges
- Use it as Tripod for recording stuff
- Use it as a dock to keep it at eye-level at the office, home or inside the car...

For Which iPhone?
- iPhone 5, 5c, 5s 
- iPhone 6s, 6s Plus
- iPhone 6, 6 Plus & iPhone 7 too!

The people are loving it and we can say:

The best Gem of 2016!!

On Limited Stock - Buy It Now For Yourself & Friends!