LED Nylon Plain Pet Collar

This neck collar with a built-in LED light can help you spot your pet easily in the dark. With a click of a button you can scroll through several different light options from repetitive flashes to a constant light. Since the collar is around your dog's neck, he/she won't be bothered by the flickering lights. The high grade nylon webbing is durable and built to last.  

Please refer to the collar size as follows:

  • Small: 12 inches to 16 inches L x 1 inch W  (30.5 - 40.6 cm L X 2.5 cm W)
  • Medium: 15 inches to 20 inches L X 1 inch W (38 - 50.8 cm L x 2.5 cm W)
  • Large: 14 inches to 24 inches L x 1 inch W (35.6 - 61 cm L x 2.54 cm W)