Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock

2016’s Smartest Invention for your Smart iPhone?

-If you're tired of plugging in the charging cable and then having to wait until its fully charged.

-If You're tired of pulling and yanking charging cable in the rush, causing it being damaged.

-If your elder members have iPhone and due to weak eye-sights. Its hard for them to charge iPhone conveniently. 

-If Dexterity is causing you to not handle your charger easily. ( due to hands issue )

Then...This Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock is for you!!

What are the smartest Features?

- Charges iPhone in a Fast, Powerful and Convenient way.

- You don't have to strain to plug in the charging cable to your iPhone. Just put your iPhone on the Dock and you're done.

- it could be magnetically attached or detached.

- This is the newest thing in the market. You should be ahead of your friends and family to use this smartest device.

User Guide


- Plug SNAP Converter with the red triangle faces upward. ( the Wrong direction makes wrong connection.)
- Peel the protective film off the bottom.
- Press it to stick on the desktop.
- Plug charging Cable into SNAP Dock.
Connect to power.


- Put onto SNAP Dock.
- Pick up to stop charging.
- When using original case for  iPhone  .
- Pick off the small rubber pad.
- Put down gently to charge.
- Remove SNAP Converter
- Pick off by the rear fingernail groove.

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