Mini USB Fridge

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A new revolutionary Mini Usb Fridge that is so convenient, portable and ready-to-use. Now there wont be any hassle to move arround to grab your soda, while working. Just place this mini fridge on your desk or anywhere and plug the usb to the pc/laptop. It will keep your beverage cool while you're working and you can grab your drink by the comfort of your chair. 

Just carry it along yourself anywhere you like. Whether its trip, office or long drive. You can also gift it to your beloved ones.

1. Mini USB powered fridge with both cooling and heating functions.
2. Built-in green / red LED indicator, magnetic door catch.
3. Keep your beverage cool / warm to drink at your computer side.
4. Can hold a single can, easy installation, no driver required.
5. USB powered - plug & play. No batteries required.


Not available on local stores. Limited Stock - Get yours Today!