Magic Neck Line Slimmer

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The Magic Neck Line Slimmer is the world′s first resistance toning system for the neck, chin and face. In just 2 minutes a day you can have dramatic results.

Takes years off your appearance. Smooth & firm your neck, chin & cheeks. No surgery. No pills

This revolutionary anti-aging system uses progressive resistance to gently firm underlying neck muscles while simultaneously tightening your skin for a dramatic “lift.” Comes with 3 levels of resistance coils for rapid results from beginner to advanced toning and easy-to-follow instruction manual.

- The product itself wont give you benefit, if you're not willing to use it with proper goal and dedication.
- This is a healthy activity, so you should make routine for it in your daily tasks.
- It is highly recommended to use it atleast 2minutes a day.
- Start with light intensity and later once you're used to with this you can increase the level.
- Assemble the product carefully by following manual guide, sent with this product.

Have a good life. We're here to receive your progress and show it to the world.