Self Stirring Mug

Unique Product on Limited Stock Only

Now its the time to enjoy your coffee, tea or any drink in this unique mug that takes you away from and does all the job it self. Just press the button and it will whir the drink for you itself. It stirs any ingredient that you add in this mug like sugar, tea and milk. This unique mug is not available on local stores. This could be perfect for your home, office or travel use. You can also gift it to your beloved ones. We promise that whomever you give it, they gonna love it!!

- Super fast, easy and portable
- Unique look and feature
- Gift idea
- Simply press the stir button and have perfect drink every time.
- Not available on local stores

Product Features:
- Stirring intensity can be formed in a whirlpool, and is working in mute
Only need two AAA (7) battery
Cup cover with a seal ring,with heat dissipation holes. Convenient and efficient.
Automatic stir well, moderate strength
Internal main material is plastic cup, external is stainless steel, non-toxic,the appearance of high-grade and liberality
- Easy to wash

- Don't use it in microwave ovens
- Hand wash only, cannot use the dishwasher
- The batteries are not included